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 Wrapping paper industry green revolution: the new paper Wrapping paper does not "eat" wood "eat" stone Wrapping paper, Wrapping paper paper wrapping paper
Wrapping paper industry green revolution: the new paper Wrapping paper does not "eat" wood "eat" stone printing.092109: 09 Yichun newspaper T | T wrapping paper green bag, cake Wrapping paper boxes, crabs Wrapping paper box, non-wood fibers, by stone to become. Qiao Shi "magic" is the Fengxin County, a green Wrapping paper companies. Near, reporters from Fengxin County Industrial Park learned that hung St. (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. Wrapping paper color printing paper using stone technology, the first in China to overcome difficulties stone paper printing technology, the glossy green stone is widely used in the green paper Wrapping paper In Wrapping paper industry launched a replacement stone paper pulp paper by the Green Revolution. Hong San Wrapping paper company 10 years ago settled in Fengxin County Industrial Park, built 10 corrugated cardboard, flexo carton (box), Offset printing cardboard (box) production lines, is the province's top ten color printing Wrapping paper enterprises, the provincial high-tech business. In recent years, Wrapping paper paper increased demand, "eat" a lot of wood and paper resources, 
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Company Name: wrappaper Company Type: Institution or social organization ()
Area: China Company Size: 100-499 people
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 1878
Security deposit: Already paid 0.00 USD
Business Scope: 315100
Construction & Decoration Construction & Decoration / Cement & Precast Component